Why there are nitwits and scoundrels in Washington ?

I think everybody has wondered at one time or another: with so many talented, solid citizens around, why are our election day ballots littered with losers? 

Why do we have to pick the least of the evils rather than being torn between 2 highly qualified candidates who both deserve to get elected?

Peggy Noonan has a perspective: Negative advertising tears everything down.

It contributes to the cynicism of the populace, especially the young.

It undermines the faith in government Democrats are always asking us to have, by undermining respect for those who govern, or who seek to.

It wears everyone down.

And in the long term, though this can never be quantified, it keeps from electoral politics untold numbers of citizens who could bring their gifts and guts to helping solve our problems.

I will never forget the visionary real-world entrepreneur who sighed, when I once urged him to enter politics, “I’ve lived an imperfect life. They’d kill me.”

WSJ, The Twister of 2010, Oct. 1, 2010

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