Available: One military jet … previously used by Madam Pelosi

One of my wife’s hot button the past couple of years has been Speaker Pelosi’s use of a large military passenger jet to cart her and her posse back & forth between DC and San Francisco. 

Ms. Pelosi said she took the military flights on the advice of the House Sergeant-at-Arms office.

Well, score one for GOP frugality.

Rep. John Boehner, the House speaker-to-be, said he plans to continue commuting on commercial flights from his district in Ohio to Washington, D.C.

Guess the House Sergeant-at-Arms changed his mind about security for the person who’s third-in-line for the Presidency.



One Response to “Available: One military jet … previously used by Madam Pelosi”

  1. Sue S Buttons Says:

    According to Time, not all his flights are on commercial airlines.
    “He’s a frequent flyer on corporate jets and successfully fought a ban on privately funded congressional travel in the 2007 ethics-reform bill. ”


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