“Gotta run… my wife’s waiting”

Bill Clinton’s press conference on Friday was amazing in several respects.

  1. Though the guy is a convicted liar, he is so engaging as a speaker that it’s hard not to get sucked it by him. My head was nodding yes to tax credits for windmills.  Yipes.
  2. No notes, no teleprompter, no ums & ahs, no name calling, no whining … he acted kinda like a President.
  3. In control … wouldn’t let Barry take back the podium … Obama had to lean across him to speak into the mic … talk about symbolism.
  4. Kept the audience engaged for an hour … and left the reporters wanting more                   

Most amazing was Obama’s clutzy exit.

  1. Unfazed by the fact that this is the most important domestic economic  issue of the moment … gotta run.
  2. Not to call Putin or Petraeus … to meet up with Michelle for Friday date nite … “We’ve got 2 holiday parties to attend” … are you kidding me?
  3. Left Clinton in charge … of the press conference … and symbolically, of the economy.

Watch the video — it’s a hoot:

The Clinton gambit may get Dems votes for the tax plan, but it has its downside.

It highlighted just how unprepared and ineffective Obama is, and even made folks like me yearn for Clinton again.

Obama’s lucky Clinton can’t run again.

But wait, there’s another Clinton in the wings.

Uh-oh for O.


One Response to ““Gotta run… my wife’s waiting””

  1. Chris Says:

    “Unprepared” was for two years ago. President Obama is almost 24 months into his term and he’s not LEARNING.

    This tax bill should have been a layup. The President should have the stature to tell a defeated House Speaker to get the troops in order – even if he believes the death tax is a foundational element to American democracy.

    Instead, Pres. Obama took himself out of the game and declared himself a lame duck.

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