Stop demonizing Wisconsin teachers !

Yesterday’s post “Maybe Wisconsin kids are better off with their teachers protesting” seems to have struck a nerve.

From a reader:

“According to your statistics, Wisconsin teachers are 4% better than the nationwide average.  Which is admittedly pretty poor, but I don’t understand why you are attempting to portray them negatively when they in fact appear to be above average.  Also, can we stop ignoring the fact that the teachers are protesting largely in response to the attempt to take away their collective bargaining rights? Education reform is a hugely complicated issue and I fail to see how demonizing a whole states-worth of individuals who spend more time with kids than many parents do is going to make the situation better.”

Here’s my open reply:

First, the Wisconsin teachers are doing a nice job demonizing themselves — by cutting classes and getting fake excuse notes from doctors.  Would that conduct be tolerated from students?  It certainly wouldn’t be tolerated by private companies – employees would be terminated in a heartbeat.  Which, I guess, is why the teachers need collective bargaining – to protect their irresponsible behavior.

Second, it makes me cringe to see anybody doing victory laps over 32% of eighth graders being proficient in reading …  I don’t think that  4% better than the national average is compelling.  Why?

The bottom line: about two out of three Wisconsin eighth graders don’t read proficiently. Ouch.

Time for teachers in Wisconsin – and every place else –  to step up and take responsibility … or at least get a fake note from a roving doctor.


2 Responses to “Stop demonizing Wisconsin teachers !”

  1. Stop demonizing Wisconsin teachers ! | world news Says:

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  2. James Says:

    Let’s not forget that Milwaukee teachers make (on average) $100K / yr at retirement age. Not a bad gig considering they work only 9 months per year, 8 hrs a day, don’t contribute a penny to their retirement, and are rewarded with below average performance….AND are ditching work to protest?

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got zero sympathy for these guys (and all unions for that matter).

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