Battle of the titans: Miracle Whip calls out mayo…

TakeAway: Kraft kicked off a new, potentially risky campaign for its sandwich spread brand that embraces both Miracle Whip “lovers” and “haters.” 

The campaign comes at an interesting time for Miracle Whip.

Consumers are still packing lunches after last year’s recession, and sales of sandwich spreads and other “brown bag” ingredients are still holding up in a relatively weak economy.

At the same time, mayo and sandwich dressings have also gotten competition from healthier alternatives such as avocados and hummus, which can also be used as substitutes.

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Excerpted from Forbes, “Kraft Shows “Polarizing” Side of Miracle Whip In New Campaign” By Elaine Wong, February 22, 2011

Miracle Whip, which comes in varieties like Light and Free, is targeted towards low-fat consumers and doesn’t think of itself as a mayonnaise. New ads ask bluntly, “We’re not for everyone. Are you Miracle Whip?”  And the lineup of celebrity spokespeople is just as polarizing.

Miracle Whip’s latest campaign is indeed provocative (after all, reaching out to the “haters” of a brand does carry risks), but Kraft sees it as a logical progression from two previous efforts the brand previously ran. One was a campaign that spun mayo, er, sandwich spread advertising on its head with spots that showed punk/rock consumers championing the brand. That effort, which carried the slogan, “We are Miracle Whip and we will not tone it down,” was meant to get younger consumers to take a second look at the brand.

The insight stemmed from the observation that “Miracle Whip has a unique flavor that tends to inspire a polarizing reaction in consumers. So, rather than deny this truth, we’re embracing it and owning up to the fact that we’re not for everyone,” said Miracle Whip’s senior brand manager.

In some households, the debate even went as far as the point where parents had to decide whether to raise the kids as Miracle Whip or mayo consumers, a phenomenon Kraft referred to as the “dual condiment household.”


Brand lovers may certainly help reinforce Miracle Whip’s positive attributes, but “negative” comments affirming the brand’s “poor” side can also easily get out of hand

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