Answer: $514,327,670 … What’s the question?

The amount of money that 24 Unions donated to Dem political campaigns over the past 20 years.

Yep – over half-a-BILLION dollars.

That’s why Dems think that automatic payroll deductions for dues is so important.

Maybe if it’s not automatic, then some folks might decide that the union is serving them well .. especially when they simply serve as a financial conduit to Dem politicos.


Note on the list the prominent position of gov’t employee unions … and quasi gov’t unions like the UAW and the SEIU.

click the chart to enlarge it 


Here’s a post from last fall that puts the numbers in context:

According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics …

  • Business PACs gave 52% of their $72.2 million in total donations to Republican candidates from January through July. In the same period of 2009, corporate PACs had sent 59% of their $64 million in campaign contributions to Democratic candidates,
  • Overall, big banks, securities firms and other financial-services companies gave 55% of $18.5 million in campaign donations to Republicans in the January-through-July period. That’s a reversal from the same period last year, when they gave 65% of PAC donations to Democrats.
  • PACs that are run by labor unions give an overwhelming share of their donations to Democrats. Sixteen of the top 20 PAC donors to Democrats so far this election are operated by labor unions.  None of the top 20 PAC donors to Republicans have been labor unions in the current election cycle.

WSJ, Corporate Political Giving Swings Toward the GOP, Sept 21, 2010 

Thanks to JC for feeding the lead.

One Response to “Answer: $514,327,670 … What’s the question?”

  1. jpg0002 Says:

    Sorry, that would be half-a-billion, not half-a-trillion.

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