Suburban moms — armed with iPads — spur mobile commerce …

TakeAway: If your company is utilizing ecommerce, you will want to make sure it is iPad user friendly.

More and more shopping is being done on tablet devices and is stealing its share from pc based purchasing especially as women are becoming heavier users than men because of the inability for the manpurse fad to stick.

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Excerpted from AdAge, “How the iPad is Reshaping Ecommerce”  by Patti Ziegler, February 22, 2011

The growing cohort of iPad owners — wealthy, tech savvy, and increasingly female — is emerging as a powerful driver of online retail sales.

iPad has become a must-have mobile device for many suburban moms, who seem especially fond of shopping (and playing Scrabble) …

…counterpoint to common technology stereotypes, women appear to be gaining on men as the fastest growing segment of early iPad adopters. In fact … the female-to-male ratio of iPad users shifted from 1:2 to 2:3… This finding is particularly significant when one considers that women control between 70% and 85% of household spending in the U.S…

…the iPad has emerged as …the poster child for a new class of mobile commerce. Many retailers report that over 50% of their mobile traffic is now coming from the popular tablet device, …

…rather than creating new incremental sales, tablet-commerce will largely grow by …cannibalizing traditional PC-based retail traffic.

… smartphone-based “m-commerce” also remains highly relevant for retailers. Smartphones are less likely to be used to browse products and make actual purchases, yet mobile devices are increasingly supplementing the in-store shopping experience …to find nearby locations, check hours, and obtain price comparisons. …m-commerce activities are not transactional, they do have the potential to drive incremental sales offline.

… E-commerce is growing at a double-digit pace and many retailers are ramping-up their presences on mobile and online platforms to offset a simultaneous decline of physical store sales. … creating opportunities for retailers that create shopper experiences that seamlessly extend across smartphones, laptops, tablets, in-store kiosks and, yes, the iPad.

The iPad’s nearly 10-inch display is comfortable … for web-surfing and product consideration, overcoming the size restraints frustrating shoppers on mobile phones. … the touch-screen functionality provides a more immediately satisfying and tactile shopping experience. …free from the constraints …they can be comfortably schlepped from commuter trains to airport lounges to kitchen counters, facilitating purchases at every venue.

Little wonder then that tablet sales — as a share of total PC sales — are forecast to nearly quadruple from 2010 to 2015…”To that end, retailers need to ensure that all pages, transaction forms, and form fields render as well from tablet devices as from any other browser,”…

In addition to the iPad, new offerings include the Android-based tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab and T-Mobile G-Slate. …The demographics are particularly attractive … typically affluent and more likely to be spending money online in the first place. Nearly 95% of iPad owners have “solid wealth and strong incomes,” …

Meanwhile, among men with means, there’s been speculation that the iPad will finally make “man purses” an acceptable accessory. …Good luck with that, guys! Perhaps an iPad-equipped woman could help you buy one online.




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One Response to “Suburban moms — armed with iPads — spur mobile commerce …”

  1. MIke Says:

    Did you really mean to say “because of the inability for the manpurse fad to stick.” ? I mostly see men using ipads. Ipad is a great device and I own two. The thing that you have not picked up on, is how rapidly ipads are rapidly working their way into the enterprise. It’s a great device for web surfing – I bought one for my mother.

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