Ken gets a makeover … now, a“babe-magnet”

 Not me, silly …. Barbie’s “arm candy” in toyland.

I missed that Barbie dumped toy Ken in 2004, ending a 43 year relationship.  For the past 10 years, the jilted Ken toiled in obscurity.

Well, he’s back.

Mattel brokered a reconciliation between Ken and Barbie as part of its brand-marketing, sales-recovery strategy.

Ken’s remake has boosted the brand’s sales to $1.25 billion in 2010

* * * * *

Excerpted from: BW Magazine, “Why Ken Is the New Babe-Magnet in Toyland”  February 10, 2011 BW Magazine

The world’s most famous plastic couple – Ken & Barbie — is getting back together.

Ken’shandlers revamped his image, giving him a Justin Bieberesque makeover complete with floppy locks, skinny jeans, and graphic T-shirt.

That landed Ken a scene-stealing part in Toy Story 3, restoring him to his previous status of pop culture icon.  The filmmakers cast Ken as a vain, leopard-print-wearing metrosexual. In one scene, Ken cries: “I’m not a girl’s toy.”

Ken now has his own Facebook page and Twitter feed (sample tweet: “Weekend Ken-fession: I may have knocked somebody over while walking and playing Madden on my iPhone this morning. My bad.”).

Beaming with confidence after his big-screen debut, Ken won his ex back with professions of love on big-city billboards and ads in Us Weekly. One message: “We may be plastic, but our love is real.”

Despite Ken’s breakout movie role and his growing ranks of Twitter followers, his future depends, as always, on the woman he loves.

He’ll stay in the spotlight “unless he does something to really upset Barbie.”

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