Obama gets the goal, Bush gets the assist, Seals get the win …

My take on the UBL situation

First, is there anybody who doesn’t have respect for the Navy Seals and job they did? I feel safer knowing that they and the rest of the U.S. military are on our side. They get a win on this one, for sure.

Second, even I have to hat-tip Obama on this one.  It was a gutsy decision to send the Seals in instead of just bombing the mansion.  Obvious reasons: no collateral damage and ability to positively identify the bastard.  More ‘subtle’: a bomb would have been instantaneous — there’s a certain “just dues” that UBL’s last couple minutes were frightful — and a  bullet between the eyes seems like the right punishments.

Third, imagine if Bush was a wuss and didn’t authorize waterboarding KSM … UBL would still be kicking back in his $ million pad.


Question: What do you imagine that Quadaffi is thinking today …. tick, tick, tick.

One Response to “Obama gets the goal, Bush gets the assist, Seals get the win …”

  1. JG Says:

    Bush deserves a heck of a lot more credit than folks are giving him. What irks me is that the liberals who are celebrating UBL’s death are the same ones who protested the tactics (waterboarding, secret prisons) that led to his death — i.e. celebrating the victory, yet opposing the process by which it was achieved. Additionally, wasn’t the Obama Admin threatening to prosecute CIA officials for enhanced interrogation methods just two years ago….as well as shut down Gitmo? Obama’s lesson — let our military/intelligence agencies be great….let them do their job, and they will deliver results.

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