Q&A: Why didn’t UBL hear the helicopters ?

We live close to CIA headquarters in Langley, and  we often hear loud (make that VERY loud) gov’t copters over head. 

So, I wondered: why didn’t UBL hear the helicopters coming and tunnel his way out of the complex?

A military analyst on Fox broke the code.

First, the copters have a ‘low noise’ mode that dampens some of the sound.  Dampens the sound, but doesn’t silence it.

The real key was where UBL’s digs were situated.

Since the mansion was in the middle of 3 miltary complexes, it was common for copters to be flying in the area at all times of the day and night.

So, UBL probably assumed that they were friendly Paki copters — not US Navy copters.

Then, the landing and engagement were so quick that UBL didn’t have time to do anything but grab the women he used as shield.

In the words of the analyst: “UBL and the Pakis were too clever by half  by situating in the military area.  It gave the copters the cover they needed to breach the airspace undetected.”

Pretty interesting , huh?

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