Marginal Revolution: America’s hottest economist

According to Business Week:

Tyler Cowen is  America’s Hottest Economist.

The George Mason University professor has written a bestseller, The Great Stagnation, keeps an influential blog, and reads way too many books. 

Cowen’s first rule of reading: You need not finish.

He takes up books with great hope and no mercy, and when he is done—sometimes after five minutes—he abandons them in public, an act he calls a “liberation.”

* * * * *

His best seller, The Great Stagnation, runs through three centuries’ worth of what Cowen calls the “low-hanging fruit” of economic growth: free land, technological breakthroughs, and smart kids waiting to be educated. For developed economies.

He argues, none of these remains to be plucked.

Yet America has built political and social institutions on the assumption of endless growth.

Cowen thinks that now that America has used up the frontier, educated all of the farm kids, and built a couple of cars for every family, we might be done growing for awhile.

* * * * *

Cowen is still best known for his blog: Marginal Revolution.

It’s the second-most popular blog on economics.

Greg Mankiw’s eponymous blog at Harvard just edged it out; both picked up far more votes than Paul Krugman’s New York Times blog Conscience of a Liberal, which ranked third, or Freakonomics, at fifth.

* * * * *

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