Obama to Boeing: Don’t waste time in court …”

Obama’s NLRB filed suit against Boeing to stop it from opening a plant in South Carolina – a right-to-work state.

Boeing has already invested close to $1 billion on the plant, and has already hired over 1,000 workers.

The NLRB action has broad reaching implications, since it tries to restrict where and how a company can operate.

Biz execs say privately that the NLRB is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back … demonstrating the lengths that the administration will go to meddle in private businesses to support its union constituency.

If companies are restricted from opening plants in right-to-work states, their only options are operating in high cost union-dominated states … or beyond the U.S.  borders.

Now, after throwing the stink bomb, Obama is trying to play the role of the conciliatory  mediator.

Ken’s Take: To avoid wasting court time, why doesn’t the President just tell his NLRB lackeys to back off?

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The NLRB alleges that Boeing retaliated against its unionized work force in Washington state by opening a new production line for its 787 airplane in South Carolina, which is a right-to-work state. The case could drag on for years.

President Barack Obama is calling  for Boeing  and its workers to resolve their differences without “wasting a lot of time in court.”

Obama was asked about the National Labor Relations Board’s lawsuit against the aerospace giant in a KING-TV interview.

The president restated an earlier comment that “businesses should be able to locate wherever they want to operate” and have to follow the law.

“We can’t afford to have businesses and their workers arguing instead of coming together to try to produce the best possible products and sell them as aggressively as possible.”

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