Somebody tell GM: ”Marketing is more than advertising!”

Punch line: What are GM’s adverting tag lines for Caddies & Chevies?

If you don’t know, you’re not alone.

So, GM is hassling its ad agencies.

Excerpted from BrandChannel: “GM Calling Agencies To Task”

Joel Ewanick was recruited as General Motors from Hyundai with expectations he would become a game-changer last year, positioning his new employer for long-term global success for its remaining brands.

But the GM CMO doesn’t think some of the advertising agencies that are supposed to help him are up to game speed yet. And he’s getting impatient.

No wonder Ewanick is a little edgy these days about the two brands.

Chevrolet has gotten stronger since his arrival, but a huge reason for that is one single new product: the Chevrolet Cruze small car, whose appeal seems based on fuel efficiency and strong vehicle features rather than buzz-worthy advertising.

Outsiders expressed concern last year with the brand’s new “Chevy Runs Deep” positioning. It wasn’t clear exactly what that message would do for the brand.

Meanwhile, Cadillac has been losing shine in the luxury-car war … and Caddy’s current “Red Blooded Luxury” campaign has been questioned.

Ken’s Take: My constant refrain to students is that marketing is more than advertising and promotion.

So, I cringed when I read the line “but … success is due to fuel efficiency and strong product features rather than buzz-worthy advertising”.  Emphasis on the “but”.


Success from delivering a good product rather than smoke & mirrowing a bad one.

Somebody, please tell GM that marketing is more than advertising & promotion,

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