Super size it …. but, hold the calories, please.

TakeAway: New ultra-low calorie products celebrate America’s love of over-indulgence …  They give folks ‘normal’ portions with fewer calories.

About the taste? You decide …

* * * * *
xcerpted from, “Marketing to your inner glutton: Ultra-low-calorie foods allow bingeing without guilt

There is a recent wave of ultra-low calorie products — such as, Artic Zero’s 150-calorie per pint dessert Artic Zero, 20 calorie per serving Tofu Noodles, and MGD 64, a 64 calorie beer — are aimed to direct appeal to our national sense of gluttony …

“What we’re seeing here is a strategy that says Americans like to stuff their faces … And these mean we don’t have to sacrifice.”

“It’s fine to eat one serving of ice cream, but I can’t remember the last time I sat down with a pint and ate half a cup,” said the CEO of Arctic Zero., whose pints of “ice cream replacement” prominently feature the 150-calorie message. “We feel like a serving is an entire pint.”

Tofu Shirataki noodles from House Foods America., offers two 20-calorie servings per 8-ounce package, but “most people eat the whole bag for a meal,” said Yoko Difrancia, the company’s marketing supervisor. “The whole bag is more realistic.”

Consumers seem to be buying it. Sales of Arctic Zero, introduced in 2009, have grown 15 to 20 percent per month for the past 18 months … ‘

“The idea is not that you can or should eat a much bigger volume than you typically
do,” Penn State Professor Barbara Rolls said. “It’s that if you eat your usual amount, you’re going to feel full but with fewer calories.”

… Health advocates and dietitians remain committed to the idea that portion sizes must come down. But they say these products could offer baby steps to people struggling to control their weight. They might also be useful when you feel that binge coming on …

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