Making science cool (again) … dy-no-mite!

My daughter-in-law has a group of PhD scientist-friends.

Last summer I was chatting with them about why the U.S. is reportedly falling behind in math and science.

They offered  that the PhD grind is, in fact, a grind … and that comp levels in science are paltry.

My hypothesis: there aren’t enough aspirational heroes for kids these days.

In my day, Salk was a hero vaccinating polio and every kid wanted to be an astronaut.

My prescription: we need more heroes and we need to make school (and science) cool again.

Well, maybe science is getting cool again.

Check out this video from the McGill Cancer Research Center … a fun view of lab science.

See, science doesn’t have to be boring!

                                    click to view



Thanks to Barbara Gordon & Jess Homa @ American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for feeding the lead

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One Response to “Making science cool (again) … dy-no-mite!”

  1. Peter Gasca (@petergasca) Says:

    Very cool … although Taio Cruz and a bow tie really don’t go together. Thanks for sharing.

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