C’mon man: A college course on Jay-Z ???

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Parents are shelling out about $5,000 in tuition money so their kids can probe the deep thoughts of rapper Jay-Z.

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Excerpted from Wash Post : Jay-Z 101

Rapper Jay-Z is now being examined in the ivory towers of academia.

One of the most popular courses at Georgetown is — SOCI-124-01 “Sociology of Hip-Hop — Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z.”

Prof. Michael Eric Dyson asks:  “What’s the intellectual, theological, philosophical predicate for Jay-Z’s argument?”

He says that Jay-Z’s work has proved to be powerful, effective and influential. And it’s time to wrestle with it.”

When the class reached its 80-student enrollment cap the first week of the semester, Dyson relocated to a bigger room that could seat 140 students. That’s the official head count, anyway.

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Tell me again why we’re behind in math & science …

Thanks to JMH for feeding the lead.

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One Response to “C’mon man: A college course on Jay-Z ???”

  1. Andrew Yang (MSB 2007) Says:

    If this class leaves you scratching your head, this list of 100 other real university classes will leave you spinning…


    And 6 are taught at Ivy league schools… I am embarrassed that my alma mater offers 3 of them.

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