Job fairs are so yesterday … now, there’s a “virtual” groundswell.

TakeAway: Companies are using online job fairs to save costs and time while providing job searchers with  information about the companies and positions available.

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Excerpt from WSJ: “Virtual Fairs Offer Real Jobs”

Companies are turning to virtual career fairs. Employers say these online forums — accessed by companies and job seekers from anywhere in the world — can save them time and money, as well as broaden the candidate pool.

Candidates learn about fairs through the company’s website, social-networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, or word of mouth.

Procter & Gamble  and Citigroup  customize their own company-specific virtual career fairs. Other firms join broad-based virtual career fairs hosted by companies like jobs sites The group fairs host anywhere from a handful to hundreds of companies.

The fairs are less about landing a job offer, say HR experts, and more about generating interest among candidates.

Lourdes Fuentes, a marketing executive with P&G, says the virtual fair is cost- and time-efficient because she can access it from her office and doesn’t have to spend a full day traveling.

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