Bold move: Domino’s keeps the cheese in cheesy bread … Whew !

TakeAway: Despite the down economy, Domino’s resisted the temptation to take the cheese out of its cheesy bread.

Otherwise, I guess they would have had to change the name to just plain “bread”.

Not much sizzle to to that, huh?

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Excerpt form AdAge: “Domino’s Introduces ‘Gourmet’ Cheesy Bread”

Domino’s is revamping yet another product: its cheesy bread.

The chain today begins selling three “gourmet” varieties — spinach and feta, bacon and jalapeno and cheese only — to replace its existing cheesy bread.

“In this economy, things are bad, people are cutting budgets,” said Domino’s CMO.

“The normal thing to do is raise prices and reduce quality. We’re making a purposeful effort to be on the side of consumers. We could take cheese out, but we put more cheese in and added more gourmet-type flavors.”

In this economy, “restaurant-goers are more demanding than ever, closely watching their food-service dollars and actively seeking the best overall value,” according to a recent Flavor Consumer Trend Report.

“In this way, flavor is more important than ever before.”

The report found that “more than two out of five consumers say they are more likely to try new flavors than they were a year ago, while 52% express a preference for restaurants that offer unique or original flavors, up from 42% of those polled two years ago.”

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One Response to “Bold move: Domino’s keeps the cheese in cheesy bread … Whew !”

  1. Erin Says:

    The Domino’s CMO wasn’t saying he was planning to completely eliminate the cheese in cheesy bread, but there’s definitely a trend in this industry and most others to cut wherever possible. I think it’s a great move by Domino’s – at a time when everyone is giving consumers less, Domino’s is giving them more.

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