“Little” brands, few ad dollars … lots of awareness.

TakeAway: Small brands overcome limited marketing budgets by growing brand awareness through support of social movements, in-store experiences and work culture.

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Excerpt from AdAge: “How Little Brands Land Big Bang for Their Buck”

Brands built with little or no media support were once relatively rare, but they’ve begun to proliferate in recent years.

From Ben & Jerry’s, Honest Tea and Lululemon, they fascinate the many marketers who must shell out millions to get noticed.

One reason is that these success stories are often built on factors that don’t usually fit with big, established brands.

For example, some are built on substantial investments in branded retail stores and the store experience, rather than media.

Others are built on the brand’s affinity with political and social movements that can be tough for big brands to embrace.

And some have been based on big investments in wages, benefits and fun cultures that keep employees happy — not the usual storyline for huge corporations.

The common thread through all these no-cost, low-cost marketing success stories is a good story, one that bears repeating and fares well both in social and PR-fueled traditional media.

Almost by definition, such stories are easier for bootstrap entrepreneurs to come by than, say, 65-year-old detergent brands.

All things considered, It’s still nice to have money ..

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