HOT: Can problem-solving be learned?

Here’s another HOT – Homa Online Tutorial – straight from the classroom to you via the HomaFiles.

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I sometimes get asked: Can problem-solving be learned or is hardwired into people’s DNA?

My view: DNA can help (e.g. raw brainpower can help) but “ordinary” folks can become adept problem-solvers.


By internalizing models  i.e. simplifying frameworks) and protocols (i.e. analytical methods) … and applying them in a variety of contexts.

In doing so, the “devices” can be stored sub-consciously and retrieved consciously to solve problems.

That’s called intuition.

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One Response to “HOT: Can problem-solving be learned?”

  1. Dennis Ossipov-Grodsky Says:

    TED worth speech! Thanks for drilling your models into me, Professor: they still work :)

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