Quick: How much tea do Americans drink?

No, it’s not a case interview question, but it could be. 

Answer: In 2010, 3 billion gallons of tea was consumed by 154 million folks in the U.S.  That’s about half of the U.S. population drinking a bit under a half-gallon per week per drinker..

Some other factoids from the Tea Association of the USA:

  • tIn 2010, the US imported more tea than the UK
  • Southerners and Northeasterners are the most likely tea drinkers.
  • The split is about 80-20 between black and green tea.
  • The split is about 85-15 between iced and hot.
  • So-called herbal teas aren’t really teas … they’re leaves, roots, bark and/or flowers.

Recent reports have touted tea’s health benefits, especially cardiac health:

“People who drink more tea do appear to have less risk of heart disease, and for those who have developed some cardiac event like a heart attack, those who are tea drinkers seem to have a lower incidence of a second event.”

Researchers suspect that natural components in tea, particularly a class of polyphenol antioxidants known as flavonoids, are responsible for tea’s health benefits

How much tea is needed for good health?

Researchers say 3 to 5  cups per day  is where you start to see benefits.

Tips for maximum health benefits:

  • Ready-to-drink and instant teas are diluted, so you’re not getting as strong a dose of flavonoids as you would from a cup of freshly brewed hot tea,.
  • For optimum flavonoids, drink tea soon after it’s brewed.
  • When you add sugar or buy it sweetened, you turn a zero-calorie beverage that’s great for hydrating the body and has half the caffeine of coffee into a drink loaded calories.

Excerpted from USAtoday.com, “Reading the tea leaves is easy: A brew can be beneficial

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One Response to “Quick: How much tea do Americans drink?”

  1. Kin Pang Says:

    This article says there are 154 billion folks in the U.S. I’m sure it should say ‘million’ because that would be more people than exist on the planet by far.

    Otherwise great article. I love tea myself!

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