Looks like a hybrid, runs like a hybrid … it’s eAssist.

Punch line: Buick is ducking some common perceptions by calling its new LaCrosse hybrid a “LaCrosse with eAssist”.

Excerpted from BrandChannel

American consumers remain decidedly lukewarm to hybrid vehicles.

Buick is hoping to get around this obstacle by positioning its latest hybrid, a version of the LaCrosse sedan, as a non-hybrid. Instead, GM is touting the “light electrification” system it uses for the car and has come up with a unique brand name for it: “eAssist.”

“When you say ‘hybrid,’ many times that comes with baggage.”

“So for us, the focus was to put an emphasis on the car itself and what this car delivers and how technology enhances the ownership experience.

We’re selling a LaCrosse that happens to have this great [eAssist] technology.”

For example, Buick and its dealers are emphasizing: the quiet ride… and the car’s  “start-stop” capability which halts operation of the engine at stoplights, saving fuel, and then starts it up again when the driver punches the accelerator.

The LaCrosse with eAssist retains a feature that has proven popular with most hybrid purchasers: a screen on the instrument panel that helps them track …  fuel economy.”

The eAssist gauge “is a way for people to show they’ve got something unique, and they can show their friends and families.”

That’ll fool a lot of folks, won’t it?

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