Obama warns colleges … yeah, right.

During the SOTU address Pres. Obama warned colleges and universities that they risk losing federal funding if they do not keep tuition costs down.


Loyal HomeFilers know that we rail often on the indefensibly high tuitions colleges are charging.

For example, see one of our all time favorite posts:
What do b-school profs and Lady Gaga have in common? 

Many pundits are predicting that high-priced colleges will be the next bubble to burst. Students (or their parents, or their companies) have been paying an increasing amount of money to get a decreasing amount of relevant learning. That’s not a good formula.

Government subsidies, student loans and “full fare” foreign students keep pushing tuitions up to levels required to support lavish facilities, expansive athletic programs, outdated delivery methods (think classrooms vs. online), and light teaching loads for faculty journalists.

Let’s see if Obama follows through on his threat … and see if it has an impact.

I’m betting under on both counts.

Universities are hot beds of liberal thinking.

No way Obama puts them in his cross hairs.

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