“Speed-roomating” … on your mark, get set, go !

TakeAway: Need a room? or Have a room to rent? Simply stop by a “Speedroomating” event at a bar. Throw on a nametag with your interest, price range, and preferred area … and speed your way through the crowd.

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Excerpted from psfk.com, “Speed Date Your Way To A New Roommate

A New York City service is using the traditional speed dating format to connect people who are looking for rooms or roommates.

It’s called “Speedroommating” and it got its start in London.

The idea is simple: Speedroommating organizes an event at a bar in the city where interested parties can go to meet potential roommates.

At the bar, participants are given a name tag that either says “I have a room,” or “I need a room.” In addition, users list their price range and preferred area.

After that, they are encouraged to grab a cocktail and schmooze.

If all goes well, the lucky ones will walk out with a new roommate.

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