Check the weather or stock quotes as you recycle … say, what?

Punch line: New smart recycling bins provide consumers with added benefits – LCD display, Wi-Fi connectivity, weather forecasts, and even stock prices. These smart bins are being rolled out in London, NY, Singapore, and Tokyo.

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Excerpted from, “London’s New Smart Recycling Bins Come With LCD Displays & Wi-Fi


In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, London will introduce 25 high-tech ‘smart bins’ placed around the city.

These recycling bins will be embedded with an LCD display on each side and come integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The screens will constantly change to display different information, ranging from weather forecasts to stock prices.

In addition, these high-tech bins are also bomb-proof.

At $1,880 each, they aren’t cheap compared to traditional outdoor recycling bins that are usually between $200-500.

The smart bins won’t only be seen in London, but are also expected to be implemented in other metropolitan cities including New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

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