Hit the trademark button: Linsanity™

NY Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin is going on offense to protect “Linsanity”.

Last week, he applied for trademark rights to Linsanity.

One of Lin’s attorneys confirmed: “We’re prepared to protect his intellectual property rights,” said Pam Deese at the Washington, D.C., law firm of Arent Fox. She declined to comment further

Lin paid a filing fee of $1,625 to cover use of the trademarked term on all manner of apparel, including underwear.

Here’s the rub: One of Lin’s high school basketball coaches reportedly bought the domain name Linsanity.com in 2010 and has been selling Lin branded merchandise including T-shirts that have similar blue and orange coloring like that of the Knicks’ uniforms..

According to the Huffington Post:

“The NBA is pursuing enforcement — in the US, China and other countries — to address the sale of counterfeit ‘Lin’ jerseys and other unauthorized merchandise using NBA intellectual property. We also are coordinating with Jeremy Lin’s representatives regarding their efforts to enforce against the unauthorized use of his name and image.”

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