Wanted: trend-setting young professionals who spend at least 14 hours online every week.

Punch line: The young, trend-setting, urban professional, who loves entertainment and places a premium on technology is the main target for Verizon’s new hyper local FiOS 50 campaign.

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Excerpted from mediapost.com “Verizon Targets Young Professionals


Verizon is targeting what it calls “trend-setting young professionals” who live in apartments and condominiums in four major markets via a hyperlocal FiOS campaign …

The multimedia effort was tested in a metro-Washington D.C. pilot last fall and is now being rolled out in the New York, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.

Many of the hyperlocal campaign elements used during the pilot — including immersive digital advertising combined with social media engagement, plus a concentrated presence of out-of-home advertising and local events with prospective customers — will be repeated in the broader campaign. Gyms, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, malls and transit centers are target venues …

Most 25- to 39-year-olds who make up a significant portion of multidwelling unit tenants are major users of social media and the Internet and spend as much as 14 hours online per week, said Pedro Correa, vice president of Verizon Enhanced Communities …

“Some people think they have to live in a single family home to get the very best broadband and video entertainment services, but that’s not true,” he said in a release.

To assist young professionals in finding MDUs with FiOS, Verizon has created a region-specific microsite at http://www.musthavefios.com that shows the MDUs where FiOS is available in metro New York, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. …

Verizon FiOS are available to more than 2 million multifamily units, and growing in parts of 12 states, and the District of Columbia. About half of all Verizon’s FiOS lines opened for sale this year will be in apartments and condos …

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