Anybody want to co-parent this kid with me?

TakeAway: According to South-By-South-West, the idea of bringing people together with similar interests and needs- ‘social pairing’ – is gaining in popularity. Applying this concept, Modamily is a private social network for people looking to co-parent a child in the US.

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Excerpted from “The Social-Pairing Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi]”…

… People with similar interests, hobbies and needs have the opportunity to meet today through smart services that use a mix of social, location and demographic data to match profiles. Networks are looking at their member’s profiles on their site and across the social grid and linking people up based on interests, needs and location.

These systems facilitate tremendous efficiencies. People can connect in a way (and at a speed) that would previously have taken a great deal of time and effort.

Social Pairing is about getting people together. It fosters a feeling of community (geographic or activity based) and further collaboration could follow as a result.

Some examples:

Nextdoor Social Network Helps You Meet your Neighbors

  • KLM To Allow Passengers To Pick Plane Neighbors Based On Facebook, LinkedIn Data
  • Farmers’ Cooperative Pairs Up Singles To Share Leftover Food
  • Ticketmaster Lets You Choose Who To Sit Next To Using Facebook
  • Gobble Is A Marketplace For Home-Cooked Meals From Neighborhood Chefs
  • A Social Network To Build Coffee Shops To Foster Face-To-Face Conversation
  • An app Helps You Discover New Connections In Real-Time Based On Location

And, of course there’s Modamily which  bills itself as the “first community to facilitate introductions between responsible, like-minded adults committed to co-parenting a child.”


Gotta think those kids will turn out just fine, right?

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