USA Today: “More CEOs plan to hire” … more than what?

Specifically, the headline said “More CEOs plan to hire as outlook brightens, survey says

The article said:

A growing number of chief executives at large U.S. companies say they are more optimistic about the economy and plan to step up hiring. The brighter view from the boardroom comes after the best three months of job growth in two years.

The Business Roundtable said Wednesday that a survey of its CEO members found that 42% expect to hire over the next six months. That’s up from 35% three months ago.

Wow.  Pretty good, right?

Being a trust & verify guy, I went to the Business Roundtable site to check the nums.


Sure enough, 42% of the 128 surveyed CEOs said they expect that employment will go up.

And, that is up from the 35% who thought so last quarter.

But, apparently the reporter didn’t notice that 52% of CEOs expected employment to go up last year at this time.

In other words, less than half of CEOs now  think that employment will go up in the next 6 months.

Over half thought it would last year.


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