Re: the high cost of college … what if teachers taught more?

Chatted recently with a collegial friend on the high cost of colleges.

We honed in on the questions of whether faculty salaries were a large or small portion of a typical university’s cost structure and whether faculty teaching productivity (i.e. how many courses and students taught) had much of an effect on total educational costs.

Turns out that the issue was recently studied by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity  … with some blockbuster results:

“Recently released preliminary data from the University of Texas strongly suggest that the state of Texas could move towards making college more affordable by moderately increasing faculty emphasis on teaching.

Looking only at the UT Austin campus, if the 80 percent of the faculty with the lowest teaching loads were to teach just half as much as the 20 percent with the highest loads, and if the savings were dedicated to tuition reduction, tuition could be cut by more than half.

Moreover, other data suggest a strategy of reemphasizing the importance of the teaching function can be done without importantly reducing outside research funding or productivity.”                   

Hmmm … if teachers taught more, college costs would go down.

That’s a shocker …

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