IDEO: Increase your innovation leverage …

Punch line: Less scale, extend reach, and more collaboration. IDEO representative explains how companies and individuals can increase their own innovation leverage.

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Excerpted from, “How Can Companies Be More Innovative?


… Recently, interviewed Ryan Jacoby  –  who helps clients incubate new businesses, design new offerings, and craft innovation strategies at IDEO.. We asked him to explain how a company or an individual can increase their ‘innovation leverage:’

    Instead of ‘scaling innovation,’ focus on increasing your innovation leverage.

    Scaling innovation often means enabling hundreds or even thousands of individuals within an organization to become more productive participants in the innovation process. While a lofty goal, most organizations aren’t going to transform an organization without years of work and significant investment.

    There are thriving communities and partners out there actively innovating right now. The trick is to tap into that activity. Rather than focusing efforts exclusively on scaling innovation, for some companies I recommend organizations find quick and concrete ways to increase their Innovation Leverage.

    Broadly speaking, you can increase your organization’s Innovation Leverage in two ways:

  •     Extending your organization’s innovation reach: Opening up to a variety of collaborators—internal groups, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and partners—extending your ecosystem in the process.
  •     Leveraging your reach and newly formed relationships: Smartly utilizing that extended ecosystem, contributing to platforms, inviting collaboration, and doing more in the process with limited investment.

    As the tools and networks evolve, it should get easier and easier to increase innovation leverage. The trick, as always is the case, is for innovators to get their organizations comfortable with the act of opening up and getting feedback on less-than-perfect ideas. The organizations that do will find a wealth of options for them to innovate more, with less.

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