Judge says 4 of the 10 Commandments should be tossed … hmmm, which 4 go?

A couple of weeks ago – during the clash between Team Obama and the Catholic bishops – some pundits thought that the Catholic Church should change its doctrine re: contraception because its position lacked popular support.

Hopping on that idea, HomaFiles asked: How about a referendum on the 10 Commandments ?

OK, the Catholic bishops are still pushing back on the ObamaCare mandate that church-affiliated organizations must “violate their consciences” and ante up for contraceptives.

Many pundits are counter-punching the bishops … arguing that they are woefully out-of-touch … that an overwhelming majority of Catholics support contraception.  So, the bishops should get off their soap boxes and ditch the rule.

Interesting angle: subject religious doctrine re: right and wrong  to a popular vote.  If it doesn’t get a majority, chuck it.


I think the idea has merit.

In fact, I say: why not hold a referendum on the 10 commandments?

Maybe #10 and #7 would fail to get enough votes and it would become legit for me to jack my neighbors big screen TV.

The idea has potential, right?

Think about it.

Which of the 10 would you like to see voted out?

* * * * *
Well, seems a judge in Roanoke thinks we were onto something

Could the Ten Commandments be reduced to six, a federal judge asked Monday.

That unorthodox suggestion was made by Judge Michael Urbanski during oral arguments over whether the display amounts to a governmental endorsement of religion, as alleged in a lawsuit filed by a student at Narrows High School.

After raising many pointed questions about whether the commandments pass legal muster, the judge referred the case to mediation – with a suggestion:

Remove the first four commandments, which are clearly religious in nature, and leave the remaining six, which make more secular commands, such as do not kill or steal.

What remains unclear is whether the county would be willing to make such a move – likely to produce more political turmoil – during future discussions to come from mediation.


Looks like we started something … though, those are the 4 commandments we would chuck.

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One Response to “Judge says 4 of the 10 Commandments should be tossed … hmmm, which 4 go?”

  1. Tracy A.Dotson Says:

    Leave the 10 Commandments alone,don’t change anything about them.That is God’s Laws,and what do they have to do with Contraceptives anyway?It is Stupid to even put bot of them together to begin with,that Judge is Dumb.

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