How much time do people spend on Facebook? … and other interesting stats.

These days, it’s popular to pile on Facebook because of its noteworthy IPO.

Amazing the number of people who knew that FB was overvalued.

Yeah, right.

An article last week in the WSJ harped that the  Days of Wild User Growth Appear Over at Facebook … that Facebook’s user growth rate in the U.S. is slowing sharply.

May be true … but, it’s also true that “Facebook is already a dominant Web platform and they’ve got significant Internet penetration today. ”


  • Approximately 56% of Facebook’s 2011 ad revenue of $3.1 billion came from the U.S. … that’s about half of Facebook’s revenue.
  • Facebook has already has 71% of all 221 million U.S. Internet users,
  • In April, U.S. unique visitors to the Facebook website increased to 158 million, up 5% from a year earlier.
  • Facebook users spend more than six hours a month on the site …. Google users spend about 4 hours per month on Google-related sites including YouTube.
  • not all activity on Facebook takes place directly on … there are other websites and apps linked to FB accounts.
  • Facebook  is experiencing substantial growth in countries such as India and Brazil

I’m not a big Facebook fan, but you gotta be impressed by the numbers that they’ve put on the board.

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