He wasn’t in MY class … lucky he’s not a CEO or a football coach.

Remember when Yahoo canned its CEO for “mis-stating his academic record” — claiming to have scored a computer science course that he hadn’t taken?  … or George O’Leary getting fired as Notre Dames football coach for for over-stating his academic credentials?

That’s fatal for CEOs and football coaches, but …

According to World News Daily the intrigue around President Obama’s college background continues …

Two separate database reports from the National Student Clearinghouse have contradicted President Obama’s claim he attended Columbia University for two years.

The reports have added to the intrigue generated by Obama’s unwillingness to discuss his time at the Ivy League institution, his refusal to release educational records, and the fact that many political science students and faculty there in the early 1980s say they don’t remember him.

More specifically …

Henry Franklin Graff, professor emeritus of history at Columbia for 46 years, has cast doubt on claims Obama attended classes at the New York City university.

I have no recollection of Barack Obama at Columbia, and I am sure he never attended any of my classes,” Graff says.

“For 46 years, I taught political history, diplomatic history and one of the pioneering courses on presidential history, and every future politician of note who went through Columbia in those years took one or more of my classes – every one, that is, except Barack Obama.”

Graff further says that no professor he knew could remember having Obama as a student at Columbia.

Nobody I knew at Columbia ever remembers Obama being there,” Graff insists.

Who cares?

I do, for 3 reasons:

(1) I’m amazed at how Obama has been immunized to vetting … even vetting of basic facts … like when & where did he go to college.

(2) I want to see if his GPA was higher or lower than George W. Bush’s … since the press says Obama is a genius and Bush is a dunce.

(3) I want to know if Obama has ever taken a course in economics or business … I’ve bet the under on that one and want to collect

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