Cupcakes are so yesterday … now, it’s gourmet donuts.

Watch your back Georgetown Cupcakes …

According to Crain’s Business, In NYC, doughnuts are the new cupcakes.

Homa Family Favorite

We’re talking gourmet doughnuts.

More sophisticated concoctions than the garden-variety glazed or cruller.

They come in a variety of shapes and exotic flavors, such as pistachio-encrusted with lemon curd or square peanut butter filled with banana cream.

And, oh yeah, they sell for up to $3.25 each.


Donut shops aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the surge in popularity.

As a to-go item, doughnuts are also helpful in generating walk-in breakfast traffic for restaurants.

The cost of making a doughnut is relatively low compared with other sweets — and profits are high.

The core ingredients — mostly flour, water, sugar and salt — are relatively cheap, and production doesn’t require a lot of heavy-duty equipment or skilled labor, leading to profits of 15% to 30% per doughnut.

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Hmmm … 2 gourmet donuts or a dozen from Dunkin’?

A no brainer …

Thanks to MES for feeding the lead

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One Response to “Cupcakes are so yesterday … now, it’s gourmet donuts.”

  1. K.C. Says:

    Portland, OR has been ahead of this trend for years now:

    30 minute lines lately, but worth it for a doughnut covered in bacon and/or Cap’n Crunch.

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