The toughest 25 companies to interview with …


According to the Business Insider, these are the 25 companies that throw the toughest interviews …

  1. McKinsey
  2. BCG
  3. Oliver Wyman
  4. A.T. Kearney
  5. ZS Associates
  6. ThoughtWorks
  7. Bain
  8. Shell
  9. Google
  10. Unisys
  11. Rackspace Hosting
  12. Cypress Semiconductor
  13. Susqueanna Int’l Group
  14. Bazaarvoice
  15. P&G
  16. Teach for America
  17. LEK Consulting
  18. Juniper
  19. Sapient
  20. Stryker
  21. General Mills
  22. Progressive
  23. Headstrong
  24. Facebook
  25. Amazon

Note: the high proportion of consulting and tech companies …

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One Response to “The toughest 25 companies to interview with …”

  1. Chris Says:

    This list made the rounds on an email chain last week. I htink Forbes “reported” it. It’s basically derived from textual analysis of web discussion boards so not sure how “real” it is.

    My observations:
    • Several known consulting names are missing: Accenture, Booz & Co, Deloitte
    • I don’t see an i-banks on the list – my experience w/ CEG (which was a Goldman JV) and Merrill’s commodity desk were far harder than anything a consulting firm threw at me
    • ExxonMobil has the rep of being harder to land than any other oil major – not on the list. Doesn’t mean that’s wrong, just a surprise
    • There’s probably a selection bias in terms of who filled out the survey and how they responded – doubt that’s controlled for

    For that Forbes article, this is the quality of journalism we see when Ryan Secrest or Chuck Todd tells us what’s trending on Facebook or Twitter. It’s lazy and not terribly insightful.

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