Absolut takes customization to the extreme

Punch line: Absolut Vodka recently re-engineered a production plant in order to produce 4 million bottles – all of which are completely unique with no two bottles having the same design.

In a world where consumers are demanding more and more customization, where should companies draw the line?

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Excerpted from PSFK’s, “Absolute Creates 4 Million Unique Vodka Bottles.”


Absolut Vodka recently launched ‘Absolut Unique,’ a project in which the vodka makers will release 4 million limited-edition, unique bottles.

The project required a company’s production plant to be completely re-engineered; the ‘carefully orchestrated randomness’ to the bottle design involves using complex pattern programming alongside splash guns and color-generating machines to ensure that no two bottles come out the same.

The vodka bottles will be individually numbered and will be distributed globally in 80 markets.

“Absolut Unique feels a bit mad scientist, a bit street art. When the bottles first appeared on the conveyer belt, we cheered. By that point the production line looked more like an artist’s studio than a bottle factory.”

Take a look at this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

Absolut Unique–Behind the Scenes

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One Response to “Absolut takes customization to the extreme”

  1. Chris Says:

    Here’s a way to be totally unique and customized – LEARN TO DRINK A PROPER COCKTAIL WITH GIN!!!

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