Veep Debate: morning after thoughts …

For what they’re worth …

1. Watching the debate I thought Biden won. Yes, he was a condescending bully … but he dominated. He didn’t raise any new points and told some rehashed whoppers, but he showed passion and a will-to-fight.  Most important, his interruptions and distracting behavior when Ryan was talking kept Ryan from completing any of his logic.  I thought Ryan should have been firmer – with Biden & the moderator – to stop the interruptions.

2. Given the above, I was surprised when the post-debate commentary started.  I was watching CNN. Blitzer’s first reaction was a tie.  Except for ultra-lib Van Jones, all of the panelists took Biden to the hoop for being disrespectful – with virtually no remarks re: content.  Switched to Fox and Chris Wallace – who I think is pretty fair – said “I’ve seen every presidential and VP debate – this was an unprecedented level of disrespect and discourtesy …. by a sitting VP.”  Then came the CNN insta-poll … Ryan 48, Biden 44.  Maybe I should have more faith in the American people.

3. The debate reminded me of the 1976 Olympics (I think it was 1976).  The US boxers were very good, very well trained, very “scientific”. Cuban boxers came with a vengeance and charged the ring like bulls.  They knocked the Americans off-stride and took away a handful of medals.

4. I also flashed back to the Cheney-Lieberman debate – which I thought was the best ever. They disagreed on practically every issue.  But, they were logical and respectful.  So, people could really understand their views.  When they shook hands afterwards, you could see the mutual respect.

5. I expect 2 big stories: Libya and abortion.  Libya because Biden contradicted the prior day’s sworn testimony and threw the Intelligence folks under the bus.  That’ll keep Libya in the news.  I was surprised that the moderator asked about abortion. I thought Ryan stated a sincere pro-life position – but will get hammered for being at war with women.

6. Best line of the night was when Biden asserted that Catholic organizations weren’t being forced to fund abortions & contraception. Ryan’s retort;”Then, why are 20 Catholic organizations suing the government?”

7. Yes, Biden said 47% three or four times.  Did it have any impact?

8. Yeah, Ryan is young – probably too young to be President.  He’ll grow out of that limitation fast. The thought of Biden ascending to the Presidency literally scares me – anybody want that personna running the country?

9. My wild card: keep in mind that Obama owns the youth vote … many (most?) people vote on emotions and candidate’s “cues” … I think that Ryan played as a smart, young, next-gen kind of a guy … (and, jacked, to boot) … it’ll be interesting to see if Ryan connected with some young guys and single women.

10. Bottom line: debate will have little no impact on the polls or the election …

Now, I’ll turn on the TV and listen to what the pundits are saying this morning …

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