Bam’s puny $6+ million pension …

President Obama drew guffaws during the date by jabbing Romney for having a bigger pension.

You know, kind of a reverse guy’s  “big thing” contest.

According to CNBC, Obama’s pension isn’t exactly teeny-weeny … and, we tax payers get to pay for it.

Pension Envy: Who Has More — Obama or Romney? 

When it comes to the presidential candidates’ pensions, size matters in more ways than one.

As president, he will receive $191,300 annually for life — win or lose in next month’s election — and receives a travel allotment as well as mailing privileges. Should Obama lose, his presidential pension kicks in immediately after leaving office.

Given that the president enjoys a normal life span, the pension allotment would be worth upwards of $6 million.

In addition, Obama may be due a nice pension for the eight years he served in the Illinois Legislature as a state senator.

Kick back, Barack

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