Stainless steel is so yesterday …

According to the WSJ

This may be the end of a 25-year run for stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Stainless has been the big word in kitchen appliances for years … in part because it’s durable and versatile.

But, there is a growing sense that stainless steel’s popularity is running into overtime … that it  has outworn its welcome

What’s next?


Major manufacturers are placing bets on different potential successors to the shiny, upscale appliance finish

Whirlpool — the world’s largest home-appliance maker — says “White is the new stainless.”

Upscale Wolf Appliance says “Black is the new stainless steel.”

GE is betting on a metallic matte finish it calls “slate.”

Figuring that cost-conscious consumers aren’t likely to replace all their appliances at once, GE’s  new finish complements the stainless steel, white or black appliances already found in consumers’ kitchens.

“Not every consumer is ready to completely change out their kitchen appliances … They don’t see the need to swap that expensive range they bought a year ago.”

Ken’s Take:  I’ve oft told Mrs. H. that if we waited long enough, our appliances would be back “in” … I feel vindicated.

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