“Voter fraud is a felony” … but don’t remind folks!

Punch line: Weeks before what could be one of the closest presidential elections in U.S. history, Dems are claiming that fforts to mislead, intimidate or pressure voters are an increasingly prominent part of the political landscape

So are the Dems frivolous charges..

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Excerpted from Reuters’, “As U.S. election nears, efforts intensify to misinform, pressure voters”

Voter Fraud Billboard

“We’ve seen an uptick in deceptive and intimidating tactics designed to prevent eligible Americans from voting,” said Eric Marshall of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Just a few of the unscrupulous tactics include:


  • BILLBOARDS IN WISCONSIN, OHIO: Democratic lawmakers and activists in Wisconsin and Ohio … are angry about several dozen billboard signs that have popped up in recent weeks, warning of stiff penalties for voter fraud. The billboards were put up in mostly black and low-income communities. “There is a concerted effort to keep specific groups from the polls,” said Camilo Villa, 24, who lives in the Cleveland area.
  • PRESSURE BY EMPLOYERS: Meanwhile, some employers have pressured workers to support certain candidates in the presidential race and other elections.Several companies have sent out letters urging their employees to vote for Romney. Others  have come under fire for sending a “voter information packet” to employees.  (Note:. SEIU and UAW strong-arming is apparently benign …)
  • THE ‘POLL CHALLENGERS’: Voting rights groups have raised concerns about volunteer “poll challengers” who will be out on Election Day to try to prevent what they see as possible voter fraud. Rights groups say the large numbers of monitors could be intimidating and discourage some people – particularly minorities – from voting.

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Ken’s Take:

(1) Grandma Homa always said: If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about …

(2) SEIU and UAW strong-arming is apparently benign …

(3) Club-wielding members of the New Black Panther Party are ok …)

(4) They forgot about requiring IDs to vote …

(5) It’s gonna be ugly …

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One Response to ““Voter fraud is a felony” … but don’t remind folks!”

  1. TK Says:

    Grandma Homa can probably tell you about the “poll challengers” of her day. It is the reason minorities are enormously sensitive to this issue. You can ignore the historical context if you want, but it is a completely dishonet way to look at the issue.

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