The Mellow Mushroom mascot is following you … and not just on Twitter

Punch line: With its “Follow Me and I’ll Follow You” campaign, pizza chain Mellow Mushroom turns the popular online phrase “following” into a real-life brand action.

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Excerpted from Ad Age’s, “Follow Pizza Chain Mellow Mushroom On Twitter, And It’ll Follow You Back — In Real Life”

Mellow Mushroom is watching you

When you follow brands on Twitter, at best you get a smattering of decent jokes littered across your Tweetdeck timeline, and at worst, you’re bombarded with promotional tweets that practically beg you to unfollow them.

Pizza place Mellow Mushroom does neither. Fitzgerald + Co offers you a little stalker with your Twitter follow with “Follow Me and I’ll Follow You,” a campaign that told people that in return for following the company on Twitter, it would follow you.

The catch? They’d follow you in real life, dressed as Mellow’s stoned-looking mushroom mascot.

The brand stalked 20 Mellow Mushroom followers in a week (with help from the followers’ friends and family), and recorded the whole thing using hidden cameras.

Want to see the result? Watch @acuemma get followed by clicking here.

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