HITS: Are you left-brained or right-brained?

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For decades cognitive psychologists has characterized folks as being either left brain dominant  – logical – or right brain dominant – creative.

Browse the lists below and pick your dominant brain side – left or right.


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So what? What to do?
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Researchers say that right brainers tend to zero in on the right problem, but often attack it inefficiently.

Left brainers tend to attack problems efficiently, but often work on the wrong problem.

So, a trick for effective problem solving is to leverage the strength of your naturally dominant while shoring up your brain’s other side to become a “whole brain thinker” … and increase the odds that you’re efficiently working on the right problem.


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So, how to to become a whole brain thinker?

Key is recognizing that the characteristics of the brain sides consolidate into two fundamental problem solving skills: pattern recognition and structured analysis.


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For thoughts on how to cultivate these two basic skills, see our online tutorial: Can Problem Solving Be Learned.

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