HITS: Pascal’s Wager … perhaps, we should be more righteous.

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One of the few things I remember from Philosophy 101 is Pascal’s Wager.

In a nutshell, it says that God may or may not exist … and we all have the choice to live righteously or sinfully.

Naturally, that creates a 2 X 2 matrix …

If you choose to live on the wild side and God exists … uh oh.

If you choose to live a clean life, you score big if God exists … and don’t have much downside if she doesn’t.

I often find Pascal’s Wager to be a practical decision-making prop.


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4 Responses to “HITS: Pascal’s Wager … perhaps, we should be more righteous.”

  1. Chessy Soccoli Says:

    Be curious to know what religion was Pascal’s wager was based off of….we know Christianity is out because it’s the only religion based not based on the good works of an individual http://www.gotquestions.org/good-person.html

  2. Tags Says:

    Blaise Pascal was Roman Catholic. Not sure how you can draw the conclusion that Christianity does not largely factor in good deeds. The book of James is rather explicit on the role of deeds.

    • Gregory Kelleher Says:

      it is these 2 critical failings of Pascal’s Wager that I find most instructive: a false dichotomy and
      conflating truth with preference. While the options are mutually exclusive they aren’t exhaustive due to the great variety of (potential() religious beliefs.

      I understood him to be arguing for the truth of the proposition, yet his argument only establishes the relative personal benefit.

      So, perhaps an illustration of the value of imagination and incremental analysis?

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    […] See HITS: Pascal’s Wager … perhaps, we should be more righteous. […]

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