Which is bigger: mortgage debt or student loan debt?

There’s an increasing amount of chatter re: student loan debt being the next financial bubble to burst.

In fact, according to the WSJ, student loan balances are approaching $1 trillion and have blown by auto loans and credit card balances.


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How do student loans rack up relative to home mortgages?

It isn’t even close.

Mortgage balances are about $10 trillion  … about 10X student loan balances.

So, there may be a bubble, but not the size of the mortgage bubble.


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One Response to “Which is bigger: mortgage debt or student loan debt?”

  1. zac Says:

    It would be interesting to compare the two on a debt per person basis. What was the peak mortgage debt per person compared to student loan debt. Or even better, what was the max minimum payment a person was making in the bubble compared to min student loan payments now. Comparing aggregate totals can be misleading.

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