Work harder: “Tax payer dependents” are counting on you.

Here are some nums that should give you pause.

There are about 315 million people living legally in the US.

244 million — 77.5% of the 315 million – are working age … the rest are kids

155 million of the 244 million are officially counted “in the labor force” … that’s 63.8% – the labor force participation rate.

Of the 155 million, 143 million are employed; 12 million are unemployed … that’s 7.7% of the 155 million in the labor force

Of the 143 million who are employed, 22 million (15%) work for Fed, state and local government121 million work in the private sector

The 121 million private sector employees pay the taxes that support

  • 89 million working age adults who aren’t looking for work
  • 12 million unemployeds
  • 22 million government employees (remember, our tax dollars pay their wages, benefits, and over-stuffed pensions)

That’s a total of 122 million adults who are dependent on the taxes paid by 121 million private sector workers.

Got that?

There are more tax payer dependent adults than there are private sector workers.

Think about it …


Coming: How the ratio of tax payer dependent adults to private sector workers has changed over time.

Stay tuned ….

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4 Responses to “Work harder: “Tax payer dependents” are counting on you.”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Stats…what a wonderful thing.

    I wonder what the category “gov’t employees” above includes? And should we assume they are a drag on the taxpayers of the country? What about the good investments in gov’t employees that personally I would trust only the government to hire and are probably essental expenses…required so the private sector can make the big bucks.

    -1,430,895 + 848,000 (2,278,895) Us Military and Reserve

    – 683,396 full time state, city, university and college, metropolitan and non-metropolitan county, and other law enforcement officers in the United States and approx. 120,000 full time law enforcement personnel working for the federal government adding up to a total number of 800,000 law enforcement personnel in the U.S.

    (Military and Law Enforcement = 3,078,895).

    – 1,082,500 fire fighters

    (We are now up to 4,161,395).

    – 7 million teachers at elementary, middle school, postsecondary, secondary, preschool and kindergarten levels.

    (Now 11,161,395).

    – I feel pretty good about the beneficial contribution of at LEAST half the gov’t employees who work at keeping transportation working, diplomats, tax collectors, and many others jobs, are also contributing to the economy. Let’s say 5 million more.

    That means 16 to 17 million of the gov’t employees are contributing and are likely worth more to the economy then they are paid in taxes.

    Of those 89 million not looking for work. Not working? How many are just undocumented workers? Stay at home mom’s? Volunteers? Guys that mow your lawn? Are the US taxpayers really supporting these folks or are they being supported by themselves, their families, and organizations?

    And what happens to these tax dollars the tax dependent folks are paid? Do they just vanish or are they recirculated into the economy for food, drink, cars, and all the other things the private sector produces?

    Half of the US workers supporting half a country of ner-do-well tax-payer dependents? I need more convincing.

  2. Scott Says:

    Would be interesting to overlay metrics on receivers of benefits (food stamp, SS disability, unemployment etc.)… there won’t be 122 million, but there will still be a lot (e.g. stay-at-home spouses)… you also left off the part of this ‘dependence analysis’ that I’m most afraid of: those older than working-age, who have sweetheart retirement and public employee pension benefits that the system cannot afford. When you roll up unfunded liabilities into national debt calculations, $16 trillion looks really small by comparison.

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