Which college majors pay the most?

In a prior post Nums: Stay in school !   we showed that the unemployment rate for college grads is only about 4% … way below the national average … and well below the rate for other education levels.


But, how well do those college degreed jobs pay?

And, more specifically, which undergrad majors pay the most?

According to a CollegeMeasures.org  study of Univ. of Virgina grads that was summarized in Business Week

  • Undergrad degrees in engineering, IT and business offer the quickest payback on rising tuitions.
  • Nursing is on the upswing, given the increasing demand for health care professionals
  • The likely suspects – Art, Anthropology and Religion fall near the bottom
  • Surprising (to me) biology is dead last on the list … either a reflection of why we’re falling behind in science, or a cause for it.

On balance, the study concludes that college is still a good investment.



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