Patagonia: “Don’t buy our stuff” … say, what?

Punch line: Cloaked in green, Patagonia’s proposition — that you not buy its clothes — is resulting in some of its best sales ever.

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Excerpted from Fast Company’s, “How Patagonia Makes More Money By Trying To Make Less”


Instead of blasting sales prices and urging consumers to load up their virtual shopping carts, Patagonia encourages consumers to buy less.

Like any great campaign, their message the past two years is tied to the brand’s promise.

The company is making money by living its brand promise.

They actively invest in reducing their carbon footprint and exposing associated challenges online through The Footprint Chronicles.

Building a brand platform like Patagonia’s is difficult, expensive, and somewhat risky.

But, when brands reduce the amount they spend on paid media, they can invest in building a brand which will help their paid media work significantly better, and more importantly, create brand evangelists.

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One Response to “Patagonia: “Don’t buy our stuff” … say, what?”

  1. Greg berguig Says:

    If you think that’s interesting, you should see what Lululemon is up to. Partly as a result of their evangelists (which they call “ambassadors”), they have managed to attain the third highest retail sales per sq foot, just behind Tiffany and Apple (

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