Happy Birthday from Facebook and your lazy friend …

Punch line: Facebook takes a crack at monetizing the site for retailers, adding a ‘Gifts’ feature that allows users to purchase and send an actual gift to friends. 

Facebook uses that friend’s profile to suggest gifts based on their interests and ‘likes.’ 


Excerpted from Adweek.com’ “Facebook Unwraps Gift Products”

Remember when giving someone a gift on Facebook was like sending them a really intricate emoticon?

Yeah, people stopped doing that, and so did Facebook.

Now the social network is hoping people will start sending each other actual gifts.

Here’s how FB plans to do it …

Facebook Gifts allows users to send legit presents like a Starbucks gift card or Magnolia Bakery cupcakes to their friends.

A gift button will soon appear on users’ profiles and in the birthdays and life events notifications box.

After users click the button, a grid will drop down with a selection of products to send that user.

Users have the option of whether they want to share a gift to their friend’s Timeline profile.

After users pick out a gift for their friend — they can pay for it when sending the gift or sometime later — the friend will receive a notification from Facebook asking for their address.

Gifts could be a way for Facebook to get more users to add their credit cards to their Facebook accounts. 

It could also acclimate them to the idea of buying products on Facebook.

Gifts makes sense as a table-setter because it extends actions Facebook users already take such as posting to a friend’s profile on their birthdays or clicking the like button for engagement announcements.

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