Pssst: Wanna buy a dissertation?

Here’s an academic shocker: Researchers found that many Russian doctoral students purchase their dissertations


Here are the facts.

According to research reported by HBR

169 companies offer custom-written doctoral dissertations for sale in Russia at prices ranging from the equivalent of $900 to $25,000

By one estimate, some 10,000 dissertations are written for pay each year in Russia, nearly one-third of the dissertations defended there.

Advanced degrees are popular among Russian politicians.

More than half of the members of the State Duma, Russia’s main legislative body, hold doctoral degrees.

Wonder how many of the 10,000 are bought by current and future politicos , and how much they paid?

I’m betting that they copped the $900 versions.

Note: the researchers didn’t say whether they wrote their research report … or bought it.


One Response to “Pssst: Wanna buy a dissertation?”

  1. DavidM Says:

    The German Defence Minister (hereditary Baron and multi-millionaire Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg) got caught doing the same in 2011 – except that he did not pay anybody, but outsourced most of the work to the parliamentary research service. I recall that one of the first tasks we received from Prof. Angel was to calculate which had more value — an MBA or Dr. I think that is now clear!

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